I hope everyone is celebrating at a comfortable spot and having a blast looking forward to what they want to accomplish for the upcoming year.

I myself am quite excited for 2012. Here are the 10 events I’m anticipating.

1. Release of the Dark Knight Part 3, AND The Hobbit

2. Seeing how the Wii-U Performs

3. Finally completing my first game creation project (and I promise it’ll be crap)

4. 2012 US elections (just because I’m really into politics)

5. The price increase on gas and public transport

6. The Mayan Calendar Apocalypse

6. Waiting another whole year for Pacquiao vs Mayweather to not take place

7. The final ruling on SOPA and Anonymous’s ruling on PSN

8. Visiting Bell’s Montreal office next week for their constant shitty internet service.

9. Getting rid of the pink teddy bear walls in my room (I got quite used to it I’ll admit…)

10. Going to the Uganda to star in their upcoming Ramon Film production.


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