16000$ spent on MMO Gear, The game isn’t even out.

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Rich and crazy or just idiocy?

Snail Games held an auction for their upcoming game called Age of Wulin in China and one man bought a unique sword for 16000$… This comes as a surprise to some people but I really wasn’t impressed. MMO’s whether they are free or Pay to Play, really know how to suck the money out of the unfortunately addicted. I occasionaly play a game called S4 League where players will literally pay 200$ a month at the very least in an attempt to get the best gear. It’s quite pathetic that people have the money to throw away on goods that have no real value.

We live in an age where no one believes in honor and hard work  to get to the top. This reality is true in a wide majority of communities in their own unique forms and is true of the gaming communities as well. I can see why someone would spend  that much if the sword is overpowered especially if he can make some profit from it. I’m stating my understanding keeping in mind china is known in the MMO community for selling accounts and in game gold for real cash.

I just hope for him that the game turns out to be a good game as it’s really rare for an MMO to come out and not a 2 star game. I’ll look more into this one because I’m still wondering what the man’s incentive was for his investment. Rich Douche, or hardcore fan? I guess we’ll find out.




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