Oldies but the Goodies 2

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


Faxanadu, is a game that doesn’t ring through the ears at first mention. Although, if you have come across this gem, the music will without a doubt bring you back memories of of your playtime. This game does a lot with the very little it was offered spec wise and it does it well. It is probably the first rpg/platformer that I enjoyed the whole way through being aware of it’s flaws which back then were not so apparent. Faxanadu can still be played in this generation without cringing at all. A sequel of this beauty would be highly appreciated.


Jet Set Radio Future

I haven’t played Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast so I can’t speak for it, nonetheless I received Jet Set Radio Future with my Xbox. It was the kind of game I preemptively gave a bad rating because it came with the console and it wasn’t mainstream, but I quickly withdrew my comments on it as I decided to give it a try. The Soundtrack is a big part of this game as it is sampled urban style music from a variety of artists. This means that you may have come across these tracks through the radio or other forms of media entertainment. The beauty of this game comes through the mix of all the ingredients that is gameplay, music, controls and the setting. The story itself is quite mediocre in its presentation but it plays a very little role in offering the fun the game. Each character has a lot to offer and there were a lot of challenges to keep you busy.

Jet set radio isn’t that old but I had to post it because it had a track called “oldies but the goodies”.


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