Oldies but the Goodies 1

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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While everyone was looking forward to the new games featured at E3, I looked back at all the games I’ve played in the past. Taking the time to explore the memories of the gaming experiences I grew up with. Many games have gone unnoticed by the general public throughout the years due to them being trapped under the pile of fans roaring for the need of more mainstream franchises. Someone should go back and give these games a ray of light, at most one person wil come across them and give them a try. I will contribute  name a couple that I came across only today.


Descent 1-3

Descent is the first person vehicle shooter from the 90’s  that exceled in it’s controls to simulate space physics. I recieved a CD with my Windows 95 and to be honest as a child I had no idea what to expect. As the game got harder and the more features were introduced to me the game grew on me to the point where I replayed that game and it’s sequels for years to come. If you can get this to run, it’s a must buy.

Maui Mallard in: Cold Shadow 

This game obtained a release of the Snes and the Sega Genesis but I am bringing it to mention in the PC Section as this is most enjoyable with the score that presented on this specific platform. I must say for a Disney game it is really challenging and also quite innovative in terms of how punishing it can be with the players. I’ll add that this is a game that will not at any point be boring throughout the playthrough and even after 21 years of my existence, I could replay it and enjoy it just as much.

Pitfall: The Mayan  Adventure (Sequel)

Scary german incoming in video!!!!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about that 8 bit pitfall or the ports to the Snes. This was a gem on the PC and I think is still playable for abandonware. Not only was this game challenging but it’s full of puzzles and for a platformer, that is pretty hard to manage. The last boss is beatable but very hard to face straight on in this version. Well at least that’s how i remember it… I may just have been not thinking straight as I played the game when I was about 4 years of age. I’ll admit kids are stupid even when it comes to gaming, that’s why we grow and learn.


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