400+ channels, nothing to watch…

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Pig Society Blog (A Pig's Point of View)

The reason I don’t watch television anymore is because every time I turn that bitching box on, I start thinking about what people are becoming successful for, it seems that the most memorable names in the recent decades are not ones of people who have accomplished much throughout lives. A high level of intellect does not hold the same valued as it used to back when technologies growth started to surge. Little by little community is starting to be filled with a generation promoting shallow perspectives and praising arrogant personality traits from our young adults. The moment bad publicity got on equal footing with good publicity we spat on the efforts of those who have worked hard to make it where they are today. Keeping everything in mind, it seems that humans got dumber. If dumb and cheap equals higher profit in comparison to informative and expensive,  what will providers distribute? You guessed right they start creating some dumb useless shit  on purpose. I’m not a fucking crow, even if that shit looks nice and shiny in HD I’m still aware that a piece of shit is a piece of shit. In fact you know what?  Thanks for clearing that screen out for me because at the very least, if it wasn’t HD my vision would be blurry and maybe, just maybe I could of had mistook your diarrhea for some delicious delectable vegetable stew.  There was a time where people invented to be able to surpass boundaries set from our current technology. Now we hold ourselves back because of the industry, to the point where we can’t even get get the new technology across, tested and improved let alone get a law properly passed that benefits the population.

Humans, put simply, are stupid, filthier than pigs and will fight among each other like vultures. They say that we are unique in the level of our ability to think. Well if you choose not to exercise that  ability then you’re on the same level of intellect as a dog. How does it feel to be dumber and have less talent than that smoking monkey in the Hangover sequel?


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